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System Health Inspection Spring/Fall

Our System Health Inspection is your year-around, worry-free Protection and Preventive Maintenace plan.

Pay as little at as $15.85 a month for each system OR the full amount of $185/year + $100/ additional system(s). Standard Dianostic Fee $105 (Non-Service Plan Members)

** Service Months March- May and September - October **

The Benefits Include: - Customer profile history of every call AC ResQ performed - Waive Diagnostic Fees ($105) if needed between Spring and Fall Inspections - 5% discount on All Services

We customize Service Plans for customers with Commerical Business 

Spring Health Inspection

  • Inspect all air filters

  • AC ResQ can bring and install filters at the time of inspection at cost + 10% (after first service call)

  •  Check evaporator air temperatures

  • Check temperature differential

  •  Inspect inside plenum for biological growth

  • Inspect blower wheel.

  • Check wiring & circuit board connections

  •  Verify capacitor is within operating range

  •  Check Refrigeration Levels

  •  Check operating pressures

  •  Check voltage and AMP draw

  • Clean Condenser Coil (hose must be readily available)

  • Check Contactor & coil of contactor for resistance of 9-13 ohms

  • Check Pressure switches (if applicable)

  •  Inspect ducts for air leaks


Fall Health Inspection

  • Check temperature and performance of heater

  • Check Motor

  •  Check fan belt

  • Check air temperature rise

  • Check wiring & circuit board connections

  •  Clean burners

  • Check for gas leaks in furnace

  •  Check heat exchanger for cracks

  • Check amps draw on electric heat kit

  •  Check heat pump in heating mode

  • Cycle gas valve off and check for leaks

  •  Check vent pipe for clearance, connection and verify pipe is secured/ inspect flue pipe

  •  Inspect blower wheel and draft inducer fan motor

  • Secure all panels

  •  Inspect ducts for air leaks

  •  Inspect inside plenum for biological growth

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